‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The Power of Veto winner is…

Canada CastWant to get a major dose of irony straight from the “Big Brother Canada” house? Even though it took around give hours for the live feeds to come back following what was the nomination ceremony, they were only down for a couple of hours for the Power of Veto, which we believe to be something that generally takes a heck of a lot more time to shoot.

So who ended up winning the power, and thus gaining the ability to make a big move in the house? If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now.

Just a mere matter of hours after being put on the block, it turns out that Gary has a competitive spirit beyond just being the gigantic character that he is. This means that he can get himself off of the block after initially being a target, and Jillian as Head of Household has to find someone else to name as a replacement nominee. All we know right now is that AJ has been talked about as a possible replacement pawn, and that Danielle could also be put up, just to put a little bit of fear into her, if nothing else.

From a personal standpoint, we’re pretty sad to see that quite possibly the show’s biggest fan in Aneal is now on the verge of being sent straight out the door. He seems to be a real student of the game, and thus far the big theme of the house seems to be that the popular kids rule with the offbeats are the ones constantly are in trouble. Plus, Aneal reminds us a little bit of Abed from “Community,” and we love Abed. Also, we find Tom to be completely insufferable, and Jillian seems to have no idea that the guys are manipulating her into doing their bidding.

So far, we’re concerned that the first “Big Brother” north of the border is turning into the country’s version of season 12 in America, which may not be a good thing. Let’s hope that we have some Head of Households soon outside of the Tom / Alec / Emmett / Jillian clan, since they seem to really be running the house right now.

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