‘New Girl’ season 2 spoilers: Dermot Mulroney confirms return as Jess’ ex

New GirlRemember when we said that a certain someone from Jess and Nick’s past on “New Girl” was set to potentially interrupt the couple’s first date? Well, we now know just who that person is, and they are poised to put a rather large dent into just what is going on between the prospective lovebirds.

According to a report from E! News, Dermot Mulroney is set to reprise his role as Russell, Jess’ wealthy ex-boyfriend who was the father of one of her then-students, for the “First Date” episode airing a little bit later on in the spring. What does remain a little bit unclear at the moment, however, is just what sort of context in which the character appears. Is it possible that Russell just so happens to be somebody who Nick and Jess run into while trying to have a good time with each other? Sure, be we do wonder already if that is going to spark some old feelings for Zooey Deschanel’s character as she tries to move forward.

One other interesting wrinkle that you really have to consider here is the fact that Nick had himself a rather bizarre infatuation with Russell on his own, as he spent much of one episode wandering around his house and trying some of his nice things on for size. This was one of the first episodes that really gave us a full sense as to Nick’s weirdness, and it is surely possible that seeing Russell could cause him to have some inadequacies about the sort of man that Jess has dated in the past. (Then again, look back to the idiot that she was with at the time of the show’s pilot.)

What sort of role do you want to see Mulroney play? If you want to read our most-recent “New Girl” episode review, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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