‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: The road to ‘The Originals’

KlausIf you love “The Vampire Diaries,” then odds are you have been following the road very closely to the launch of “The Originals,” which is of course the upcoming spin-off series being put on by executive producer Julie Plec. The backdoor pilot has already been cast, and it will even be shot in the weeks ahead. We already knew that the episode was going to air on April 25, so to add to the puzzle, we now know officially just where the installment fits in with the rest of the season.

“The Originals” will be the 20th episode of the season, which serves as verification that the show will air continuous new episodes in between this airing and the show’s upcoming season finale on May 16. This episode’s story will revolve around Klaus’ journey to New Orleans, where he and Elijah examiner a part of their lives that they left behind centuries before. Some new characters include a vampire named Marcel, a college student named Camille, and a pair of witches who have long been suppressed.

So how far do we have to go before we make it to this episode? Considering that the next new episode, entitled “Bring It On,” is the 16th of the season and airs on March 14, the show will need to take another two-week hiatus beginning either in late March or early April for the episode count to line up. There are four episodes to go in order to bring us into the world of this spin-off, and then following that we will have three episodes that will be present to help wrap up the story for Elena, Damon, and Stefan until the fall.

There is no official word on if “The Originals” will be a series yet, and we will likely hear something either after the backdoor pilot is filmed or in May at the CW upfront presentation.

For now, just be sure to share your thoughts on the proposed spin-off below, and head over here to find out some more news on Nina Dobrev’s upcoming adventures in New York City.

Photo: The CW

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