‘The Amazing Race 22’ preview: Do Dave & Connor keep racing after injury?

Amazing Race“The Amazing Race 22” took a bit of a scary turn this past episode, as Dave (of team Dave & Connor) seemingly ruptured his Achilles just before getting to the Pit Stop at the end of the leg. This is the sort of injury that really should keep a team from continuing on; but for some crazy reason, this father and son pair are going to keep on racing this weekend in New Zealand.

So how is Dave going to keep on racing? Basically, he is going to be sporting a wicked pair of crutches, which will likely slow the team down dramatically. In addition to that, it is possible that he will face challenges in the future that he is seemingly not able to do, and thus this puts them in a situation where they have to count on other teams to do horribly. This is something that has to be frustrating, and we can even relate as someone who was injured in a reality show. We admire them for making the decision to keep on going, though compared to their cancer battles this is probably not even remotely a touch decision for them to make.

As for the sort of challenges that await the teams in Phil Keoghan’s home country, we will be seeing something unsurprisingly involving sheep, and also a sort of car course. Now if the show finds a way to integrate Hobbiton in the mix here, the “Lord of the Rings” geek in us would be thoroughly excited. (Then again, it would also cause this leg of the race to be three hours long. Zing!)

What do you think about the decision by Dave & Connor to keep going despite the injury? If you want to read our full review of last week’s new episode, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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