‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The nominees for eviction are…

Canada CastNow, we’re starting to get the hang of how the “Big Brother Canada” season is going to progress on the live feeds. The first live eviction was Thursday night, and the nomination ceremony, which takes place in the United States on Friday nights more often than not, takes place here on Saturday morning. The advantage here? It gives all of the houseguests more than 24 hours to plead their case to the Head of Household as to why they should stay in the game. (Warning: spoilers from the feeds ahead!)

With Jillian in power, the question that she ultimately faces now is just what strategy she is going to use when making her nominations. Prior to the actual ceremony happening, the general consensus was that Gary and Danielle would be the two nominees, and that Suzette would be the replacement if one of them happens to win the Power of Veto. With it being so early in the game, Jillian seems to be more concerned with not ruffling feathers than actually trying to make any sort of big move. We can’t imagine Danielle or Gary winning many challenges down the road, so they are therefore pretty easy people to cast aside.

Despite the feeds cutting off around 11:00 a.m. Big Brother time on Saturday, it was around 4:30 when they came back on … and it was quickly confirmed that there was still a Power of Veto competition left to play. Based on what we are seeing right now, the nominees seem to be Gary and Aneal. It appeared as though it was Gary and Danielle at first, but some comments from Tom to Emmett later seemed cement Aneal’s status. There is some confusion here, so we’ll update soon. (Gary is for sure up.)

Oh, and for those curious, Alec and Topaz are getting more showmance-tastic than ever (even if they don’t want to admit it).

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