‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: The latest progress report on shooting

Dean NorrisSaying goodbye to “Breaking Bad” after five seasons this summer is going to be emotional without a doubt; after all, we are already starting to get emotional thinking about the cast wrapping up filming in New Mexico. The show filming in Albuquerque has created a more familial atmosphere for some of the actors, in addition to turning the New Mexico city into a tourist attraction for some diehard fans. Suffice it to say, there are going to be a good many sad people in a very short amount of time.

If you want to see specifically how one actor is feeling right now about the final weeks of filming this season, just check out what Dean Norris (Hank) wrote in a recent post on his Twitter account:

“Few more weeks of filming then Breaking Bad done forever. Feel prePBBSD (post BB stress disorder) coming on. Must stay away from elevators.”

The lucky thing for Norris is that he will be able to move on pretty quickly from this to his new job working on CBS’ summer series “Under the Dome.” However, that probably still won’t take the sting away, since they are separate sets with separate experiences.

So will Hank find a way to survive the series? At the moment, you have to pull for him given that he is one of the few good guys that this world has left. Bryan Cranston has already suggested that there is no redemption out there for Walter White, and while we personally cheer for Jesse Pinkman, he’s still not the sort of guy who you would look at as a model citizen. Even Skyler, victim in some ways as she may be, is also mixed up in this mess.

Are you already getting emotional about “Breaking Bad” ending? If so, we understand … and we’ll get through this together.

Photo: AMC

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