‘Glee’ season 4, episode 15 preview: Matthew Morrison becomes Fred Astaire

Matthew MorrisonJust in case Matthew Morrison feels a little bit left out after being gone for so long on “Glee,” he’s going to be getting plenty of opportunities to work his vocal pipes for next week’s new episode “Girls (and Boys) on Film.” We know that he will be singing everyone’s favorite love song (at least everyone who enjoys the movie “Say Anything”) in Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” and the video below features a full performance of Will Schuester taking on the “Royal Wedding” classic “You’re All the World To Me” alongside Jayma Mays’ character of Emma.

First of all, let’s comment on the obvious: unless this is all part of some elaborate dream sequence with Will, isn’t this an obvious indicator of some good news coming for the couple after she bailed on their wedding. Morrison does as good of a job trying to emulate Fred Astaire as really anyone could, and Mays has really come into her own after not really being known as much of a singer at all at the start of the show. In some ways, it’s interesting that the character has become a performer given that she has no real history of singing as far as we know.

As lovely as this performance below is, there is still a massive elephant in the room: has Emma told Will yet about the kiss that Finn planted on her prior to the wedding? Until this admission happens, we have a hard time really believing that everything between these two is really going to be peachy at all.

Do you like this performance, or prefer more of what it represents? While we do love the old-school feeling of it, we do personally wonder if this is something the show’s younger viewers are going to even get.

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Photo: Fox

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