‘Big Brother Canada’: An interview with Kat Yee, plus Have-Not spoilers

KatWe’re going to be pulling a little bit of double-duty with this “Big Brother Canada” article, so we’ll try to break things down for you. The first half of this story is a very brief Q&A with Kat Yee that we took part in earlier today, so if you want to be surprised by what is coming up on Sunday’s episode, breathe easy: there are no spoilers there. After the interview, however, we are going to give a brief update on the current state of the house. We’ll provide a notice then for anyone who wants to look away.

Let’s start with Kat, as we were rather disappointed to see her go. She was a very energetic contestant who really wanted to play hard, but just ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time for Head of Household Suzette.

Cartermatt.com – During the goodbye messages, we saw Suzette tell you that she wished that she didn’t nominate you. Did you get the impression that she was playing scared, and why do you think she regretted it?

I don’t think she knew what she was doing as HoH. I think she went into the house to have fun and be on TV, and I don’t think the idea or concept of what the competition was sunk in until she was in that position. I think that was a bit much for her to handle right off the bat, and I was happy that it was her and not me. Then again, had it been me I wouldn’t be here right now. Suzette agreed that I was right, and the irony is that she voted someone out that was her alliance. I considered her a friend, and I still do, but I never would have considered putting her on the block; and had she been on the block, I would’ve done what I could to save her the next week.

She’s not going to know that until she leaves the house, but once she does she is going to kick herself for it.

What did you think about Liza voting to actually save you, and do you think that casting that vote could come back to bite her?

Going into the eviction, I thought it was going to be 12-nothing. Everyone at this point is too scared to play their own game, so I knew that everyone was going to go with the house. Aneal and I had actually had discussions about his game and moving forward in his game, and we agreed that we would talk to the other houseguests and have them not vote [to save me] … I was very surprised this morning to find out that Liza had voted for me, because Aneal and I had discussions. I’m thankful either way, because they’re both amazing people.

(Warning: Live feed spoilers head.)

Now, we can tell you that there was a food-related challenge in the house earlier on Friday, and that the Have-Nots for the week seem to be Tom, Peter, Alec, Andrew, and Talla based on the evidence we’re seeing. (Feel free to correct us if we’re wrong on that, but they are the ones complaining the most at the moment.) No one is happy about the challenge, though: it apparently involved getting extremely messy, and the houseguests have been spending most of the day trying to clean themselves up. Some guys even resorted to using Nair on their legs to get the goop off of them.

Meanwhile, Jillian now has her HoH room, and Danielle, Gary, and Suzette are three likely candidates for eviction.

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