‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The likely targets for eviction

Big Brother CanadaFriday morning’s “Big Brother Canada” live feeds have begun with a “hush hush” screen on this end, which is the equivalent of fish for those of you who watch the American show. So instead of touching on some things that happened this morning, we’re going to instead do our best to go through some of what unfolded last night. (Warning: the following contains spoilers for the broadcast.)

If we had to guess who Jillian as Head of Household is going to nominate at the moment, Danielle and Gary are the two most-likely targets to be put up for nomination, with Danielle seemingly being the one that she really wants out of the game. They haven’t shown much of it on TV yet, but Danielle comes across as being a bit jealousy and needy, and she clearly does not like the fact that Emmett (who she is crushing on to an extent) is spending a little bit of time with someone else in the house in the new HoH.

As for Gary, the reason to put him up is simple: while he does have some friends (Topaz), is anyone really going to miss him in the house? His big purpose seems to be to be a notable character more so than it is a great player, and for those on this show who want to be characters in their own right, getting him out is an easy way to secure more camera time. (We know that there are people who do ultimately think like this.)

We know Emmett told Jillian last night that he is willing to be a pawn just to ensure that Danielle doesn’t win the Veto, but she replied by saying that he would rather take that chance with Tom if she was going to take it with anyone. There are probably enough people in the house to get rid of either one of the people that Jillian wants out, so there is no need to really make a bold move here at all. With that being said, though, there are two issues with her thinking right now:

1. Why is everyone ignoring the obvious couple in Topaz and Alec? They longer they stay, the more deadly they are in the game.

2. Why are the women cannibalizing themselves? The men are in such a better place by and large now, and that is unusual for this game.

For those of you interested in hearing what Kat has to say about her eviction from the game, be sure to check back a little bit later for our full interview. Want more “Big Brother Canada” scoop? Be sure to click here for more live feed updates, exclusives (including a chat with Dan Gheesling from earlier this week), and much more.

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