‘King of the Nerds’ episode 7 review: Did Genevieve live to fight again?

King of the NerdsWhile it may not be getting the press of many other cable shows or reality competitions, TBS has carved themselves out a rather nice show in “King of the Nerds.” It’s a show that celebrates geekdom rather than mocks it, and they managed to assemble a solid cast of characters who are not afraid to speak their mind, show off their talents, or engage in heated competitions.

The one criticism that we have had for some time is simply the voting structure, mostly since it seems to embrace mediocrity within your team. If you stink, your own team will put you up; however, if you are too good at what you do, the winning team will try and get rid of you. It’s a situation that brings to mind “Survivor” to an extent, as you have to ensure you do enough to win challenges, but not so much that you stand out.

Speaking of standing out, how about Genevieve? With her third nerd-off victory in four weeks, she is turning into a serious threat to win this entire competition. We appreciated this battle against Moogega thanks to largely its simplicity: building a tower out of such geeky things as books, GameCubes (which you hardly need for anything else since Wii is backwards compatible), old cartridges, and rulers. These challenges have been at times brilliant little tests of “skill,” and adding a little twist involving Nerf guns here was a nice touch.

With this win (sending Moogega home), Genevieve has to become the biggest threat left in the entire game. She’s proven to handle the pressure of these competitions well, and that will have to make anyone facing her a little bit nervous. There is a part of us still pulling for Ivan, and Danielle did a great job of making herself look completely awful with a certain analogy she made at the end of the episode. Celeste is the only contestant left without a nerd-off appearance, so who knows how she would fare?

At the end of the day, “King of the Nerds” is the sort of show where we won’t care too much who wins or loses, just so much as we have fun every step of the way. Luckily, we’re having fun for the time being.

Who are you rooting for out of the final four? If you want to see where we ranked these contestants going into this episode, you can do so here.

Photo: TBS

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