American Horror Story: NYC finale: A new Big Daddy theory

American Horror Story: NYC PatWith the American Horror Story: NYC finale set to arrive on FX in just a matter of days, why not discuss Big Daddy further?

When you think about iconic characters within this franchise, he is easily going to be one that stands out. We say that knowing full well that he has yet to speak, and he may not actually be living and breathing within the series’ established world. This is a spirit that seems to represent many things, whether it be fear, shame, or the AIDS epidemic itself. It goes without saying, but there’s a really good chance that we will be seeing Big Daddy again at some point in the finale.

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So what is going to happen here? It feels almost weird to say that a show like this would give you a pseudo-triumphant moment, but we would not be surprised if we do see at least one of the major characters conquering this character head-on. By that, we mean capturing them and ripping off that mask once and for all. Take Patrick, a man defined by fear, whether it be coming out at his job, embracing his true self, or what happened on Fire Island years ago with Sam. He’s battled Big Daddy more than anyone, so what if he takes off that mask, only to realize the he’s underneath it? The same could go for Sam, Gino, or anyone else — they are all Big Daddy and nobody is Big Daddy. It is the fear and death that exists within this world, and it is only after conquering this that someone can have a sense of peace.

We can’t speak to whether or not conquering Big Daddy works as a happy ending, as we’d have to see it first. Nonetheless, this is a fascinating thing to contemplate as we do prepare for the end of the road here.

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What do you think we will see from Big Daddy within the American Horror Story: NYC finale?

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