Squid Game season 2 premiere date: The big challenge at Netflix

Squid Game season 1When it comes to a Squid Game season 2, on paper you can argue there aren’t too many challenges at all. No matter when this show ends up premiering on Netflix, it’s going to be a big hit. There will be an immediate enthusiasm to watch it based on what we saw during season 1.

With all of this being said, we still think that this may be one of the most difficult season 2’s to produce in recent history, and for a wide array of different reasons.

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First and foremost, you have to consider the shock-and-awe appeal of season 1. One of the big selling points was the contrast between the bright colors and seemingly lighthearted games with the death and destruction that followed. It was such a unique visual concept for television, and that’s without even getting into the specifics of the story. For season 2, the shock is going to be gone. Everyone already knows what this world is like. We don’t think that you can just try to amplify the stakes; the games will be there, and you have to find a way to make them feel similar and yet different from what we saw in season 1. A lot of it comes back to the show’s central question: How far will the rich go in order to exploit the poor? It can’t focus on the spectacle to the point that it loses sight of that.

In the end, there is also the question of justifying the season’s existence. Unless Gi-hun manages to stop the Games or puts a significant dent in the operation, will the season be a success? He was able to get out in season 1, but there were clear consequences to that. The show had such a brilliant one-season arc, and trying to replicate that with equal gravity is not going to be easy.

As we noted, promoted Squid Game season 2 won’t be a challenge, even if we are at least a year and a half (if not longer) from the premiere. The long hiatus could hurt some shows, but we don’t think it really will here.

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What do you think the biggest challenge for Squid Game season 2 at Netflix is going to be?

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