‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Where is filming taking place?

Downton AbbeyAs most “Downton Abbey” fans in Britain and America likely know already, season 4 production is currently underway; and when it comes to locations, this is not a series in which you are going to necessarily see a variety of new locales.

The main setting of course is the famed Highclere Castle, which has benefited more from this series than just about anyone. This is where Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, and most of the upstairs crew typically film the vast majority of their scenes, and they have to be especially careful here in order to avoid damaging the estate during production in any way.

As for the folks downstairs, they film on a separate stage given that Highclere’s real-life kitchens have been updated over the years, and would thus be not nearly as prudent a setting. Therefore, the likes of Lesley Nicol, Rob James-Collier, and Ed Speleers often spend the vast majority of their time filming in a separate location.

Of course, it is almost a given that these two settings are being utilized for season 4, and we are also hearing courtesy of some Twitter sources that there is some filming today in Bampton, Oxfordshire, which is located in real life north of Highclere by a decent stretch. This is where all of the village scenes for the series are traditionally shot which, like the castle itself, has turned the place into somewhat of a tourist destination.

As for who was present for the shoot or what is being filmed, we can’t say; even if we did, we’re not a believer in spoiling an entire series in the first place. While general details here and there are exciting, imagine how less shocking the death of Sybil would have been, for example, had we all known about it in advance.

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Photo: ITV

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