‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2, episode 15 preview: First video with Lesley Nicol

Lesley NicolIf you have been waiting to see “Downton Abbey’s” erstwhile Mrs. Patmore on “Once Upon a Time,” the waiting period is almost over. Actress Lesley Nicol will be making an appearance Sunday night as an old attendant to Snow White’s mother Queen Ava, and the scene below gives us an impression of just what we should expect from her character.

Ultimately, Nicol’s character seems to be on the surface a rather kindly woman, and she seems overjoyed to see Snow (as Mary Margaret) in Storybrooke in the clip. It’s a little surprising to us that the two characters have not run into each other before, but who knows? It appears almost as though the character lives on the outskirts of town, so she may not travel very much into town square to see what the likes of Ruby, David, or even Regina are up to.

This is one of the longer sneak peeks that ABC has ever presented to us for one of their episodes; not only do we have an opportunity in here to meet Nicol’s character and see what sort of emotional connection that she has to Snow, but Mary Margaret quickly leaves this scene to discover Regina and Cora trying to move forward with the next phase of their evil plan to find Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger and then use it against him. The problem? It seems as though Captain Hook may not be as loyal as they were once hoping, and he may have intentionally given them the wrong location.

Do you think that Nicol’s character is really as kindly as she is letting on, or is there something a little more sinister underneath the surface here? If you want to also see what recurring character on “Once Upon a Time” may be moving on to another project soon, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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