‘Psych’ season 7 premiere review: Did Henry make out alive?

Psych“Psych” is back, and you can commence your celebration immediately. Not only is it the same show that we knew and love for many years, but we also are going to continue to see Henry Spencer as a main character. Despite being shot during the finale last year, Corbin Bernsen’s character ended up coming out alive, which is a turn of luck even if it makes us wonder how in the world his assailant didn’t bother to make sure that he was really dead.

The episode itself had just about everything you would expect leading up to the conclusion of the mystery as to not just who shot Henry, but who was behind a grand conspiracy to make cash by using charity funds to sell guns to Africa. There were nicknames, using a beard as a disguise for two people, Gus eating everything in sight, and the destruction of two cars over the course of the year. We also saw Carlton Lassiter actually help Shawn briefly to avenge what happened to his father, and Juliet seemed okay with Shawn lying to her under the circumstances. (Granted, she still does not know the truth about him not really being a psychic.)

In terms of long-term impact, we’re not sure how much of one there really was from this episode since Henry is now alive and kicking. We assume that it will be business as usual in Santa Barbara, and this is by and large true based on the next two episodes that we’ve seen. (We’ll have more coverage on that in the days ahead.) We’re just glad that despite the show aging, it has not ceased to be funny, random, and comfortable in its own weird skin.

For now, we want to hear from you: what did you think about this “Psych” premiere? If you want to check out some more from the show, you can do so over at the link here.

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