‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ preview: Phillip Sheppard’s workout routine

Phillip Sheppard“Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” could have been very kind to us, and presented viewers online a sneak peek that shows off something from the standpoint of game strategy. Instead, we have a video that is entirely all about watching Phillip Sheppard work out.

We understand the production fascination with the former federal agent at times, mostly because he is a weird guy who creates funny nicknames for people, wears his emotions on his sleeve, and is trying to play a sort of Boston Rob game where he takes a large alliance as far as he possibly can. However, this is really just footage of a guy working out (with the sadly-too-silent Brenda Lowe in the background), while Phillip talks about how he is in great shape for a 54-year old, and how he frequently owns people on the basketball court with some of his “old-school moves.”

Sadly for some of you Phillip haters, we really don’t see him going home this week or anytime soon due to his status as the ultimately jury goat. Instead, the biggest threats to go home tonight include Brandon Hantz (a goat who is probably too unstable to really take that far in the game this time around) on the Favorites and Hope Driskill (the weakest person on the cool kids’ alliance) on the Fans. Anything could still happen, though, and if we were the Fans we would make sure that Reynold Toepfer does not leave tribal council this week with an immunity idol still in his back pocket (if they end up going to tribal council, that is).

Do you really think we needed to see this clip? Be sure to visit the link here to check out a preview focusing more on Brandon, and

Photo: CBS

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