‘The Bachelor’ review: Did AshLee Frazier, Lindsay Yenter make Sean Lowe’s finale?

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"There’s something rather tedious about watching the overnight dates episode of “The Bachelor,” mostly because they are hands-down the episodes of the show that could really be cut down to an hour without much trouble at all. Basically, we can sum up the first hour and a half like this: Sean Lowe takes the women out to various exotic locales in Thailand, they gush about falling in love, Sean takes off his shirt, and then offers them a chance to stay in the “Fantasy Suite” (which sounds dirty just by the fact that they call it the same name every season). Each women acts hesitant about whether or not they want to take the overnight date in fear of being viewed a certain way, but almost all of them end up biting on it so long as the invitation is offered.

Yes, this episode was at times rather boring, and it re-hashed a number of topics that we have heard time and time again whether it be commitments, Sean looking for a “best friend,” and how Catherine Giudici’s family made her nervous about whether or not Sean would take her seriously.

There’s really no sense of dragging this out, mostly because the last thing that we want to do at this point is emulate the actual episode: at the rose ceremony, Sean opted to send home AshLee Frazier over Catherine (who seemed to be in the most danger following last week) and longtime ranking-topper Lindsay Yenter, with the only real reason that we can fathom for it being that he feels as though Catherine and Lindsay are two people are more open to starting a life without restrictions for Sean. AshLee, meanwhile, is a little more set in her ways.

The only real drama during the episode came courtesy of the way in which AshLee decided to leave: by not saying the word, and having no sympathy for Sean whatsoever. Was this a little harsh, and should she have expected something different based on the fact that the guy was dating two other women at the same time? Sure, but heartbreak is heartbreak nonetheless. She clearly was in love with the guy and wanted to marry him, so all cynicism aside we do feel from her. Then again, this experience will hopefully be a launching pad for her to move forward with the next phase of her life, and find someone great.

Now, we turn to you: do you think that Sean made the right move in keeping Catherine and Lindsay, and who are you rooting for? Be sure to vote in our poll below, and you can view some more scoop on the upcoming “Women Tell All” special by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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