Yellowstone season 5 spoilers: What is Thomas Rainwater’s role?

YellowstoneCan you believe that we’re less than a week away from the Yellowstone season 5 premiere over at the Paramount Network? This is a chapter in this story that has been a long time coming and, of course, there are a number of major factors at play.

So what’s one of the biggest ones? It’s pretty hard to narrow things down, but the obvious focal point has to be John Dutton as the new Governor of Montana. This is the straw that stirs the metaphorical drink when it comes to everything that is happening elsewhere. It will put in motion a chain of events that could dramatically alter other characters’ lives. That, of course, includes Thomas Rainwater, who has had his own priorities for his people and his business for quite some time.

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So as we now look towards the future, what’s going to be the issue for Thomas? It may be as simple as him trying to just understand where he fits in to some of the new Governor’s plans. Speaking to TVLine on this subject, here is what Gil Birmingham had to say:

“Market Equities was not anticipating John being a policy maker and entering the political field, which is going to be a very different power position of leverage for him … I know that his objective is for his own land, so I’ve got to reassess. I don’t know quite how that’s going to affect us.”

In general, we think that the #1 thing you are going to need for Rainwater’s story is patience. His own plans may not become clear right away in the new season, and that is because he is still working to figure some things out. He’s such a smart, capable guy and we tend to think he is going to have a pretty big role in all major events before things are over. Prepare for that in advance.

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Is there any one thing that you are most excited for moving into Yellowstone season 5?

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