Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off: Winter is coming!

Jon SnowOf course, it is easy to title this Game of Thrones piece about the potential Jon Snow spin-off in the way that we have. Who doesn’t love a good reference here and there? However, the title for this piece is more than just a quote; it is all about why we should be looking at this winter as a key source for news on this show, which is still in the hypothetical territory.

Let’s frame the discussion in the following manner: HBO had an opportunity to confirm this spin-off is coming last month with the finale of House of the Dragon, but they chose not to. What’s the reasoning behind that? The easy argument to make here is that either there’s nothing more to share right now, or they are plotting an announcement down the road. The network likely realizes that with a show this high-profile, they don’t want to greenlight it as anything until they 100% know that they are moving forward with the concept. That is a decision that may take some time, so we would advise that we all do our best to be patient and prepared along the way.

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What makes this winter an important time-frame is that more than likely, HBO will be at the TCA Winter Press Tour, where they will discuss all sorts of shows past, present, and future. We understand that they did not make an appearance the TCA Summer event this year, but that was due seemingly to the Warner Bros. Discovery deal happening around that time. If they are at the winter event, they will have an opportunity to further discuss this show alongside a number of other projects that they have going on, which include The Last of Us, Perry Mason, and possibly season 2 of House of the Dragon.

We do believe that this show starring Kit Harington will eventually be confirmed, largely because of the financial implications. It has a chance to reverse sentiment about at least one controversial part of the final season, and Jon is easily one of the most-popular characters in the whole universe.

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Do you feel hopeful about the Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off at present?

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