‘Bones’ season 8, episode 17 review: Brennan’s new intern helps open her mind

BonesOn tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8, Brennan’s new intern, Oliver Wells, rubs her the wrong when he brings her the skull of their victim to the diner, but when he is back at the lab he is impressing everyone with his vast knowledge and how easily he can read people – Brennan is still not sold on him yet.  Wells really starts to get under her skin when he refuses to follow her rules like eating in the lab.  She takes his string cheese from him telling him to follow her orders, but when she leaves he pulls out another one.  Later Wells and Brennan are talking about the case and he calls her narrow minded, leaving Brennan upset because he was able to read her so easily with just a few questions.

When the gang at the Jeffersonian learns that the victim was trying to create a way to travel back in time, everyone starts talking about what moment they would want to go back to.  Hodgins says that he would want to go back to the first moment he met Angela, and Angela says that she would go back to that moment too (although Hodgins isn’t convinced that is really the moment she would chose). Sweets would want to go back to when his adoptive parents were still alive so that he could be a little more appreciative of them and Wells says that he wouldn’t go back at all, that he would want to go to the future so that he could steal all of the new technology, bring it back to the present and make a fortune.

When Angela asks Cam what she would do if she could go back in time she says that she would do something with Angela’s ex husband and Angela says that she would do the same.  Angela asks Cam if she should tell Hodgins the truth and Cam tells her not to.  Booth says that he’d go back and stop Lincoln from being shot, but when Brennan answers the question she says that she wouldn’t go back at all, that she has everything she ever needs or wants right now.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8?  If you could go back in time what moment would you go back to?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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