‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: Will Walter White find redemption?

Breaking Bad

Walter White has done some pretty terrible things over the years on AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad”, but if we look back at the beginning and remember why Walter started cooking in the first place we know that his intentions were originally well meaning.  Walter wanted to make a good stack of cash to leave behind after the cancer had taken his life so that his family would be taken care of, but as he got deeper and deeper into the business and his ego grew out of control his motivations quickly changed.

As we slowly approach the final season of “Breaking Bad” (airing on AMC this July), fans are wondering if Walter can find redemption for what he has done to himself, to Jesse, to his family and for the people he has killed or has he just gone too far that there is no hope for him anymore.  While at the 2013 Academy Awards last night, actor Bryan Cranston spoke to the Associated Press about the highly anticipated ending to “Breaking Bad” and revealed that there will be no happy ending for Walter.  He said: “There’s nothing good, there’s not going to be redemption. It’s going downhill – it’s ugly.”

With some of the flash forwards from last season, the series is hinting at Walter’s cancer returning, something that might be tragic enough to wake him up to what he’s done.  Can Walter actually make it out of this series alive?  It doesn’t seem likely, but what we are looking forward to is the cat and mouse game of Walter and Hank that will start up now that Hank has a strong suspicion that Walter is Heisenberg.

How do you want to see the series end?  Do you want to see Walter go to jail, die or live happily ever after on a stack of cash with Skyler?  Leave us a comment and tell us how you think “Breaking Bad” season 5 will end for Walter White.

Photo: AMC

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