Survivor 43 episode 7 sneak peek: How Jeanine bounces back

Survivor 43Tonight you are going to see Survivor 43 episode 7 arrive on CBS, and there is one big question to ponder right now. How can Jeanine recover from a pretty messy episode last week?

First things first, remember that Jeanine’s #1 ally in Elie was voted out, and it really stemmed from events that played out episodes ago. The decision for the Baka women to look through Gabler’s bag, and also trust Sami and Owen with so much information, came back to bite them. Gabler was right to assume that they weren’t that loyal to him at that point, even if he went about it in an absolutely bonkers way right in the middle of the merge feast.

The sneak peek gives you a small sense of how Jeanine is going to approach things in the aftermath, and she’s playing it 100% correct. She has to be willing to claim that Elie’s exit is better for her game long-term and use this as a chance to be vulnerable and open to the other castaways. She can’t come across as angry; instead, be receptive! We do think she was probably too comfortable going into the tribes coming together and now, she can be flexible in the game.

Remember, Jeanine does still have the idol, and that will buy her a little bit of time if she needs to use it to ensure her safety for one more week. Things move really fast in modern-day Survivor and because of that, there could easily be someone else who is a target soon enough. The person could even include Gabler; we still think he’s got a temporary measure of safety thanks to his idol, which could be valid for at least one more tribal since he wasn’t vulnerable last week. Beyond that? Jeanine could get her revenge.

With the number of interesting people still left in the game, we have a feeling that things could get pretty exciting from here on out. Let’s just wait and see how things unfold…

What do you most want to see on Survivor 43 episode 7?

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