American Horror Story: NYC filming wraps, cast confirms

American Horror Story: NYC Pat

While we have a few more weeks to go for American Horror Story: NYC, we can confirm that behind the scenes, the cast is done!

In a new post on Instagram HERE, Russell Tovey (who plays Patrick on the show) made it clear that he just got done with this current batch of episodes. American Horror Story is one of those shows with a pretty short turnaround from production to them airing on FX, and that means things do get a little down-to-the-wire close to the end. Compare this for a moment to a show like The Boys, which takes several months to polish up episodes in post-production after they film. Remember, the finale for NYC is just over two weeks away at the time of this writing!

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So what is coming over the rest of this season? There are a handful of stories playing out all at once right now, but the biggest one is tied to the deaths of gay men taking place throughout the city. Some of them are murders caused by Whiteley, who has been established as one of the central villains so far. There is also something else lurking underneath, whether it be the beginning of the AIDS epidemic or another disease originating out in Fire Island. Some parts of the story are metaphorical; it feels so far that Big Daddy is more of a ghostly omen or a symbol as opposed to a real person.

Now, let’s just hope that there are some more people who get on board the show the rest of the season. It’s been strong so far! Easily, this is the most consistent edition of the franchise four episodes in that we’ve seen since maybe Freak Show. Of course, the challenge here comes down to sticking the landing, which has not always been easy.

 What do you want to see the rest of the way on American Horror Story: NYC?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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