Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: The ripple effects

Power Book II: Ghost season 2At this point, you’ve probably gathered that some super-weird stuff is going on right now when it comes to a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date. Think about it like this: We’re almost a week removed from the end of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and a good eleven months from when season 2 first premiered. At this point last year, we 100% knew when Michael Rainey Jr. and the rest of the cast was coming back on the air.

So at this point, it’s clear that the show is going to be delayed from what our initial estimate was; heck, there are some rumors out there that season 3 may not be on the air until March, right around the time in which season 2 of BMF ends. So if that is the case, what could it mean? Well, we tend to think that there is a much larger ripple effect that we have to start pondering over here…

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We’ve seen with network schedules in the past that one show can impact many others all across the board. We tend to think that this especially the case with a show like this one, which is part of a larger franchise. Traditionally, Starz is not keen to air two Power shows at the same time, largely because of the fact that they want to spread their subscribers out longer if possible. (Yes, there was a week when Ghost and Power Book IV: Force aired together, but that’s about it.) What we’re trying to get it here is that if Ghost is pushed back, that could be the same for some of the other shows in the franchise.

How long are we talking? If Ghost premieres in March, that means that Force could be on hold until late spring or early summer. This, in turn, could set up Raising Kanan season 3 for a late summer or early fall premiere — unless the network DOES get more ambitious and air multiple shows at once.

There are a lot of possible scenarios out there that are worth thinking about. Heck, could there even be a crossover? We’ll keep thinking through this stuff, but we gotta wait and see how things play out the rest of the next few months.

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