‘American Idol’ rankings: Kree Harrison, Angela Miller top current ladies in top 10

American IdolWhile we are eagerly awaiting the time in which we can take a full look at all of the “American Idol” contestants for the season, for the time being we’re more than content to just discuss the singers that we have seen on the show thus far. We’ll have the rankings for the five boys who advanced to the first voting round on Monday, and for the time being, we’re focusing on the ladies.

While we wish we could sit here and say that vocal quality was the only thing that mattered, we admit that there are a number of other things that also come into the equation, whether it be perceived fan following, edit, and whether or not they have received enough screen time for America to know who they are.

The rankings

5. Tenna Torres – She received more screen time during the auditions than three of the women ranked above her, but there is something about her performances that comes across as screechy. We wonder if the “Camp Mariah” thing is influencing the judges in any way, because we just can’t get how she was put in the top five over Shubha Vedula.

4. Adriana Latonio – Her performance was shaky at times, and we don’t really know if anyone in America knows anything about Adriana save for the fact that she is the first Alaskan to ever make it this far. However, don’t ever overlook the fact that Alaskans are a proud bunch, and like with Jasmine Trias and Hawaii years ago, Adriana could have a devoted following.

3. Amber Holcomb – Amber is probably the singer in the top five here with the most mainstream appeal, and this is something that producers desperately want from a female singer at this point. we hope that in the weeks ahead, Amber finds a way to shake up the female tradition as of late of either being a country singer, or someone who takes on big ballads every week.

2. Kree Harrison – We don’t quite know if someone like Kree can win, but she is an artist with a Crystal Bowersox-like talent of bringing people into her world when she performs. She’s going to have a solid career in folk / country regardless of how she fares, and dare we say that she is probably the woman we are looking forward to hearing the most right now?

1. Angela Miller – We actually think that Kree gave a better performance than Angela on Wednesday night, but there’s no question that the gigantic moment created with “You Set Me Free” has given the singer / pianist momentum for a few weeks.  Honestly, it’s not easy to give someone like Angela advice given that she is already very good at what she does … and based on the fact that Ryan Seacrest specifically asked her a question during Thursday’s show featuring the guys, she is clearly a production favorite.

Who is your favorite out of these five ladies? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and you can also check out our review of the boys from Thursday night over at the link here.

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