Survivor 43 episode 7 preview: A power under the shelter?

Survivor 43As we prepare ourselves for Survivor 43 episode 7 on CBS, there is one thing that we can say: The merge is officially here! The castaways had to earn it tonight, but moving forward we’ve got a larger group.

Of course, said group is far from unified; things are extremely messy, and we can’t be shocked about that at all. Elie was voted out right before the official start to the merge, and on her way out, she threw Gabler under the bus hard. What are the ramifications of that going to be? What is Jeanine going to do in order recover? She does still have an immunity idol that she can use to her advantage moving forward, but she also has lost her #1 ally and there aren’t that many people on her side at this point.

Here is the good news for Jeanine: This is a long game, and there’s a real tendency for things to turn on a dime in modern-day Survivor. 

Based on the promo for what is coming up next week, it seems like there’s some sort of potential power hidden underneath the shelter — or, at least that’s what some players are saying. They could always be lying and with this show, you can never be too sure on that. We do personally like it when there are advantages like this, though, mostly because it opens the door for people to try crazy schemes in order to get a leg up. But, of course it could also put a larger target on their back! You gotta be aware of all possible scenarios.

Also in this preview, there are people saying that Noelle is accumulating too much power, which is a little bit of a surprise given that it didn’t feel that way too much at Vesi. Yet, she’s clearly a good social player who could be a threat down the road!

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What do you think is going to be coming moving into Survivor 43 episode 7?

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