Survivor 43 episode 6: Elie Scott voted out in chaotic Tribal Council

Survivor 43Tonight, Survivor 43 delivered yet another twist on the merge — in other words, there was no merge at all tonight. Instead, the castaways had to earn it by competing in two different teams, with one person stuck on the outside looking in.

Without further ado, let’s get into the breakup of the teams. Every person would be voting at Tribal Council, but only the losing team would be vulnerable.

Team 1 (Red) – Cassidy, Elie, Sami, Cody, James, and Owen.

Team 2 (Blue) – Gabler, Jesse, Ryan, Jeanine, Dwight, and Karla.

Noelle didn’t get to be a part of a team, so she had to pick a side — she chose Blue. It was the right decision! Despite struggling early (and with Karla nursing a bloodied-up hand), this team still figured this out. That meant that moving forward, the Red group would be in danger.

The aftermath

The Blue group had a lot to think about, mostly because of Gabler. Initially, it seemed like Sami, Owen, and Elie were going to team up with Cody to take out James alongside their respective tribes. However, Gabler decided to throw Elie under the bus HARD at the merge feast, accusing her of going through his bag.

It’s true that Elie / Jeanine made a few mistakes when it comes to dealing with Gabler, especially when it comes to trusting Sami and Owen about the immunity idol. He found out, and that made it easy for him to target Elie. He went about it terribly, but we understand the thought process. The Elie paranoia DID expand throughout the camp, especially when James and Cassidy found out they were being targeted.

Tribal Paranoia

Really, the big question entering this was whether or not Jeanine would play her idol on Elie, who absolutely was going to be targeted. We wouldn’t play it if we were Jeanine, especially this early post-merge. She didn’t. Elie was voted out and Jeanine was shocked — unless this was an act, she really didn’t know this was coming.

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