Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: Why the delay?

Power Book II Ghost 2What in the world is Starz trying to do when it comes to a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date? We’re sure that question is out there, especially since we’re days removed from the finale of Raising Kanan and there was, to the surprise of many, no announcement in there.

In the aftermath, we’re stuck sitting around and wondering what the network is trying to do. Given that season 2 of the show aired starting in fall 2021, it was fair to expect we’d see something similar here. That hasn’t happened, at least not yet. (It’s also possible that Starz announces something at the last-minute for November or December, but we’re trying not to get our hopes up.)

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So what’s the reason for the delay? It’s not a production-related reason, as season 2 filming is already wrapped up. There are instead a few other factors to consider…

A logjam of programming at Starz – We’ve discussed this in the past, but as of right now the series has Step Up, The Serpent Queen, and The BMF Documentary on the air. To go along with this, they have Dangerous Liaisons starting next month and BMF season 2 in January. That stacks a lot of the next few weeks and that’s without mentioning Heels or Hightown, which are both done with production but don’t have premiere dates yet.

Spacing out the Power franchise – If you recall, there was a huge gap between Power Book IV: Force earlier this year and Raising Kanan. Starz may be trying to lessen that. Originally, they may have hoped to have Power Book V: Influence to fill out the schedule in the spring, but that show is no longer happening. They could be pushing Ghost into more of a winter show and Force into the spring as a result of that.

Retaining subscribers – There’s no denying that if you don’t air the three Power shows too close to each other, then you could have a longer total period of time people are subscribed to the network. That could get people hooked on other stuff. Remember that TV is a business.

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What do you think Starz is making us wait for news on a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date?

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