‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 11 review: Who’s side is Andrea really on?

The Walking Dead season 3

On tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3, the group (mostly Herschel) pushes Rick to get a grip and take control and make a decision – should they stay at the prison or should they try to leave before the Governor comes back?

The group is worried about Merle being with the group, but Herschel thinks he can be useful.  He goes to talk to Merle and he gives Herschel the inside scoop on just how nasty the Governor can be. Merle tries to talk to Michonne to clear the air, saying that he was only hunting her down as orders from the Governor and hopes that they can move past it.

Back at Woodbury the Governor is getting ready to train an army, with people as young as 13.  Andrea tells the Governor that she is going to the prison to see Rick and he tells her that if she goes there that she shouldn’t come back. She can’t get out of Woodbury because the Governor has sealed the entrances and won’t give her a car, so she asks Milton for help, but he betrays her and tells the Governor everything.  He tells Milton to help her, but obviously the Governor has plans of his own.

On their way to the prison Andrea and Milton run into Tyreese and his group while trekking through the forest.  Andrea tells them about Woodbury and Milton tells Tyreese and his group that he’ll bring them back to the town, while Andrea continues on to the prison by herself. The Governor tries to make Tyreese’s group feel welcome, and they tell the Governor what happened at the prison including Rick’s mental breakdown and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to earn their keep if they could stay at Woodbury.

When Andrea reaches the prison walls Maggie summons Rick and the group to come meet her.   They let her in, but they don’t exactly trust her, so they take her weapons and bring her inside.  They update Andrea on the deaths in the group, but other then that they won’t trust her thinking that she is on the Governor’s side.  She tells them that she wants to work something out peacefully before the situation gets even uglier, warning them that he’s training an army and gearing up for war.

Later Andrea confronts Michonne about poisoning Rick’s group against her, but Michonne tells her that she knows she’s under the Governor’s control – even now.  Michonne admits that she was hurt that Andrea chose the Governor over her and that’s why Michonne went back to Woodbury: to expose him and show Andrea who he really is.

When Carol is alone with Andrea, she suggests that Andrea go back to Woodbury, sleep with the Governor and while he’s asleep she should kill him.  After spending time with everyone at the prison, they give her a car and her gun, then send her on her way.  She returns to Woodbury and the Governor welcomes her back in.  She tells him everything she learned, that Michonne and Merle are at the prison with Rick and that their group is broken.  The Governor seems happy to have her back and she seduces him – but does she have the nerve to actually kill him while he sleeps?  Nope she can’t do it – so where does this leave Andrea?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3? Who’s side do you think Andrea’s really on?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think?

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