Magnum PI season 5: Will NBC give us a full trailer?

Magnum PIWhat are we going to get when it comes to a Magnum PI season 5 trailer? Are we even going to get one at all? As production continues in Hawaii, why not dive into this subject a little?

We suppose that the first order of business here should really be defining what constitutes a “trailer” in the first place. For us personally, we think of it as something longer than thirty seconds — i.e., a promo. It’s something that actually requires a little time to watch and is jam-packed with content. You’d think all of this would be obvious, but there are a lot of people out there who misuse the word “trailer” in the media.

We’re pretty confident that NBC will at least give us a 15-30 second promo for the new season, as they do with most returning shows (except sometimes The Blacklist, which gets forgotten about entirely), New shows are typically the ones that get the full trailers, and how the network decides to promote Jay Hernandez and the rest of the cast comes down to one simple question: Are they looking at Magnum PI as a brand-new show? Or, is it in their mind an established part of their roster?

From our vantage point, the smarter move to do here is to treat the new show as something brand-new to viewers. That includes a trailer that combines action, nostalgia, a little romance, and everything that we’ve loved about it over the past few years. You can’t rest on the idea that people are just going to come over from CBS! We know that a lot of networks are desperate to cut costs these days, but it feels like a mistake to not push Magnum hard. There’s so much appeal within the brand all over the world, and the name recognition alone goes a long way.

Also, don’t forget about the need for escapism. Whether it be in a trailer, or promo, or anything else, we do really think the show’s best sell is a chance for viewers to get out of their world for an hour every week and enjoy spending time with some likable characters. There really aren’t as many shows prioritizing this as there used to be.

No matter how NBC promotes it, we expect Magnum PI season 5 to launch in the first three months of 2023. You can head over here to get more news about it.

Do you think we’ll get a full trailer for Magnum PI season 5?

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