Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 4 promo: Something scary…

Grey's Anatomy season 19Is Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 4 really out to terrify you in some shape or form? Based on a new promo, you can argue so!

If you look below, you can check out a tease on “Haunted” that shows the new interns learning a thing or two more about how to operate, using a real cadaver as a means to do so. This could be a little overwhelming for all of them, as we tend to think that Owen’s program on all of this could be a little intense.

Also, it’s Halloween and that tends to be a more overwhelming night for hospitals than most. Why? Think about all the jump-scares, heart attacks, and the people who frankly get hurt doing stupid things. Meredith is already trying to brace for it, and is someone trying to jump off the building at the end of the promo? It’s hard to tell, and this could be a classic case of TV misdirect. Regardless, it does 100% feel like we’re going to see some big stuff in this episode.

Another thing to remember here, almost unfortunately so, is quite simple: Ellen Pompeo only has five episodes left as an on-screen presence. (She will continue to be a narrator and executive producer behind the scenes.) We know that her exit will have something to do with Meredith’s kids, most likely Zola since she’s had a larger role so far this season. She’s struggling with panic attacks and Meredith may need to make some sort of life change that is best for her. What that is remains to be seen, but it’s something we 100% have our eye on as we get further into the next few weeks. We’re going to miss Meredith — there’s no way to get around that, and of course we tend to think that Nick is going to depart with her. (Scott Speedman is not listed as a regular for season 19.)

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Where do you think things will go on Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 4?

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