Survivor 43 episode 6 preview: Is the merge here?

Survivor 43As we get set for Survivor 43 episode 6 on CBS next week, there is one immediate thought that crosses our mind: The bar’s been set SUPER high. Consider that we just came out of one of the most unintentionally funny episodes in some time courtesy of Ryan and his decision to throw a challenge … only to see his #1 ally Geo get voted out. We can’t consider this the full Drew Christy, but it has to be a partial one since it’s such an ENORMOUS blunder.

Now, Ryan has to regroup from his big mistake, but the good news for him is that the merge seems to be starting. Or, is it? Jeff Probst did say that there’s a big twist coming in the preview. The show can’t do the same thing they did last week with the hourglass since everyone is aware of it now, so they gotta find the way to shake things up a little bit!

We would say that out of everyone in the game right now, Ryan is absolutely the one in the most trouble given where he stands, but there is a chance he just flips over to some other people. This is going to be one of the weirdest merges out there just because there are a lot of idols at play, plus also really small alliances that could dart in any direction. The only person sure to use their idol is Gabler, and that’s because it expires at the next Tribal. (If he keeps it, he is truly insane.) Everyone else is fair game.

As for who is playing the best game, Jeanine’s stock 100% rises after finding an idol, but we are super impressed by Karla so far. She’s smart, reasoned, and also low-key and likable. She hasn’t been on anyone’s radar so far and that is impressive.

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