ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: What are Victoria and Conrad up to now?

RevengeYou may know already that “Revenge” season 2 is sadly not going to be back on the air with new episodes until Sunday, March 10, and what we are actually going to talk about here is the hour of TV that follows up “Retribution”: “Illumination,” which should air on March 17 given that ABC surely would not want to air an episode surrounded by an island of repeats.

So is Amanda Clarke going to be completely forgotten by this point? It doesn’t sound like it; rather, it appears that the dastardly pair known as Victoria and Conrad Grayson are going to try and take advantage of her death at sea for their own personal gain. Check out the official synopsis for the hour, which was released recently by SpoilerTV:

“Jack is suspicious when Conrad and Victoria start a charity in Amanda Clarke’s name; once again, Emily’s past catches up with her.”

This synopsis contains an obvious spoiler that Jack is going to find a way to survive his gunshot wound suffered during the honeymoon gone awry, but what is a little bit more curious at the moment is just what happens to Emily to have her past catch up with her. Is someone going to finally figure out that she is really not the “Emily Thorne” she claims herself to be? We have a hard time imagining that her real name as Amanda Clarke is going to be a secret forever, even though we are sure that she would like it to be so as a way to ensure her safety in the long-term. (The moment the Graysons find out the truth, let’s hope that Emily has a way to protect herself.)

What do you think Conrad and Victoria are up to? We want to hear some of your theories below, and be sure to also visit the link here for some early teases on the finale courtesy of Gabriel Mann.

Photo: ABC

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