‘The Bachelorette’: Sean Lowe castoff Desiree Hartsock would likely agree to gig

DesireeWhile ABC has not officially announced yet who will be the next “Bachelorette,” you have to think that Desiree Hartsock, along with such other women as Lindsay Yenter (pending she does not end up with Sean Lowe in the finale) and Sarah Herron, has to be one of the favorites to land the gig. While we would suggest not having her brother put the fear of God into any of her potential suitors, it does seem like there could be some interest from both parties into making it happen.

Speaking per Zap2It, the show’s recently-eliminated contestant confirmed that she is still very much looking for love, and does not seem afraid at all of some of the pressures that could come with landing this gig:

“Being on ‘The Bachelor’ was a very emotionally draining experience to go through. If I were offered the opportunity to be the next Bachelorette, I would definitely have to think about it — make sure I’m prepared to get back on that emotional roller coaster … But I do believe in the experience. I know the feelings are real and I do believe it can work out for the best. I’d probably say yes to the opportunity.”

In our mind at the moment, the biggest competition that Desiree has when it comes to someone snatching the gig away from her is Lindsay. Why? Sean’s season has proved that it’s a good idea to find a lead who is sincere but also has a great sense of humor, and she seems to embody that better than anyone. However, there are also so many other variables that go into this choice, including whether or not Lindsay is interested in the gig, if either lady is single at the time that they are asked, and if anything happens over the course of the “Women Tell All” and “After the Final Rose” specials that could change things.

Do you think Desiree, Lindsay, Sarah, or someone else should be the next “Bachelorette”? If you want to check out a deleted scene from this past episode featuring the hometown dates, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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