The Blacklist season 10 premiere date: Are Fridays inevitable?

The Blacklist season 9 art

With every day, we inch a little bit closer to The Blacklist season 10 premiere date being official over at NBC. So many of us clearly want it, even if we’re simultaneously certain that we won’t be seeing the actual episodes in the reasonably-near future.

It’s already clear to us that there’s almost a 0% chance the James Spader series is back this year, and there’s a reason why it was never a part of the fall schedule. The series started filming later than most other NBC programs because it was always destined to come on at the very earliest in January.

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So when is the earliest we could expect to dive into the world of The Blacklist again? While nothing is confirmed at present, it seems the easiest to look in the direction of January 6 right now. If the show is going to do 22 episodes, it’s hard for it to premiere much later and for the series to only air a single episode a week. We know that there are some comedies that are going to air on NBC next month, but they could always be moved to a different night.

As for whether or not The Blacklist could move away from Fridays, there’s always that hope! However, we wouldn’t bank on it on the basis of the show’s performance as of late. It feels like this is the inevitable night for the show just because the ratings aren’t strong enough for it to air elsewhere. The only other solution we can think of here is the show premiering on Sundays after the NFL season and then running into the summer, which is not exactly something we want. (How could it be? We’re naturally impatient.)

What are you hoping for when it comes to The Blacklist season 10 and a premiere date at NBC?

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