Succession season 4 premiere date: The order of things at HBO

SuccessionMake no mistake that HBO wants nothing more than to bring Succession season 4 to the masses. Why wouldn’t they? We are discussing here an extremely popular show that also tends to generate mountains of Emmys. This is, effectively, the sort of project any network would dream of having.

Yet, we also cannot sit here and pretend that the Jeremy Strong series is the only priority HBO has. This is one of the most prolific programmers out there, and we know that there are multiple other big projects set to launch next year. So where does Succession stand amidst all of them, and how could the premiere date be impacted? Let’s just say that we’ve got a lot of stuff to dive into in this piece…

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First and foremost, let’s rule out shows like His Dark Materials and The Gilded Age. They air on Mondays, so they have no bearing on a season 4 premiere date. Meanwhile, we’re also going to go ahead and rule out other shows like True Detective and Euphoria, which are so far down the road that it’s hard to imagine them coming out until after Succession is done.

The shows that could impact a season 4 date are clearly The Last of Us, The Nevers, and Perry Mason. All three of these shows are far ahead of Succession in terms of their production/post-production. The Nevers has been done for a long time, and there’s honestly uncertainty surrounding what the network is going to do in general with it. Could it just be buried in some unusual timeslot?

Over the past couple of months, online scuttlebutt has indicated that The Last of Us is angling towards an early 2023 launch and we tend to think that a January/February start is most likely here. HBO has invested a ton in the video-game adaptation as we don’t think Succession will premiere until it is done airing. Perry Mason, meanwhile, could be more flexible. We could see it actually paired with one of these two shows. Since executives have already indicated that they want Strong, Brian Cox, and the rest of the cast eligible for the 2023 Emmys, season 4 is going to premiere before the end of May. The only way to ensure that is to have it back on the air in March or April; if you allow both The Last of Us / Perry Mason to air in full first, you’re cutting it close.

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