‘King of the Nerds’ episode 6 review: Genevieve shows off her dance moves

King of the NerdsOn tonight’s episode of “King of the Nerds,” the nerd war challenge was to write and perform a “Nerd Anthem” that incorporates as many nerd facts as possible.  The nerds will not only record the song, but they will also perform the anthem for 3 judges, so each group has choreographers who were on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Danielle has some experience writing nerd song,s so the orange team has a bit of an advantage even though Ivan is having a hard time jiving with her.  When the choreography started, Danielle got very uncomfortable doing a body roll and it worried the group that she might not be able to do it when it was time to perform.

As for the blue team Virgil’s got the moves as far as dancing, but couldn’t hold a tune to save his life (but we still love him anyway).  Each on their own, they seemed to be able to get the dance moves down, but when it came time to put it together as a group it was tough to watch.

At the battle we were a little worried when the blue team started off with Virgil singing, since his singing is crazy bad, but his attitude was so cute that it didn’t even matter that he couldn’t sing and their anthem really kicked some major butt.  The orange team’s anthem was really fantastic as well and they really crammed a lot of nerd references, the smartest thing the orange team did was incorporate the name of the show in the song.  In the end the team that won was the orange team.

The two people selected to go into the nerd off were Virgil (voted in by the blue team) and Genevieve (voted in by the orange team).  The challenge?  Virgil and Genevieve are going head to head on “Dance Central 3” – a game that Virgil is really great at, but don’t count Genevieve out yet, remember how she kicked Alana out of the game by studying her brains out?

At the nerd off Genevieve’s studying totally paid off and she was great, but was it enough to beat Virgil? Unfortunately he missed the flawless finish and was sent home, much to our disappointment since we were totally team Virgil.  Another surprise that was revealed tonight is that the teams are no longer… it’s every nerd for themselves.

Photo: TBS

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