Survivor 43 episode 4: Lindsay Carmine voted out from Coco

Survivor 43If there is one thing that we clear close to the end of Survivor 43 episode 4, it was rather simple: Everyone hates Coco. Or, to be specific, everyone wanted to crew over the show’s most-stable tribe in some shape or form.

First and foremost, we should note that Cody and the Vesi Tribe, after winning the reward, leveraged his ability to steal an item to barter something big from Coco. Heck, he got more than he really wanted after asking initially for the machete.

Then, Coco lost immunity after Vesi publicly helped the Baka Tribe right in front of them! We understand the blue tribe being mad about it, but it makes sense: You don’t want the six people working together after the merge!

This is where things got messy, largely for our benefit. While Geo and Cassidy were listed as initial targets, Lindsay showed that Survivor was not her thing pretty early on. She got super-paranoid that people were coming after her, even when they weren’t. The entire episode seemed to set up a possible blindside, but it still didn’t feel like we got enough time with any of these people. Truthfully, Coco is our least-favorite tribe when it comes to unique personalities. Geo may be one of the most unique, but he’s rubbing people the wrong way with his attitude around camp.

So what actually happened here?

The funny thing is Lindsay almost played herself out of the game. Had she just sat around and not stirred things up around camp, she probably would have been fine. She’s gotta be the person who sits back and kicks herself after all of this. The problem is that if you get SO concerned about being voted out this early in the game, how are you going to handle things later? Who can you trust?

In a way, we do appreciate an episode without any more idols/twists being thrown in. Wasn’t this old-school in a way?

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