Is Will Estes leaving Blue Bloods? Jamie Reagan gets shot!

Blue Bloods JamieIs Will Estes leaving Blue Bloods due to the events of the season 13 premiere? How many reasons are there to be concerned?

We should note that going into the premiere, there was a little bit of concern. After all, early previews for what lies ahead here suggested that Jamie Reagan was getting shot! Since these characters are cops, there is always that risk that someone gets hurt in the line of duty. In this episode, that someone was Jamie.

So how worried should you be? Well, in the end you really shouldn’t be. While Jamie does get shot in the premiere, he is going to recover without too much of a problem. There is already some reporting out there that during this season, the character will be taking on a new position at the NYPD. (This is a way for Jamie and Eddie to continue to work at the same precinct, rather than one of them being forced to transfer.) Since that hasn’t happened on the show just yet, he clearly survives getting shot. This is still one of those events, though, that really works to remind people of what matters most. Even when the Reagans bicker, they always find a way to come together for the most important of moments.

When Jamie first got shot in this episode, we did appreciate the sight of Danny and Joe Hill really rallying not just to help him, but to ensure the doctors and nurses gave him proper care. We learned that there was a bullet lodged near his spine and even if made it through surgery, there was a chance he could end up paralyzed.

The result of the surgery

The doctor was able to remove the bullet, and by the end of the episode, it was confirmed that he would be okay. Jamie was saluted by Frank and many cops as he was discharged from the hospital, a tribute to everything he did in the field.

So while this was a close call, it turns out that Jamie will be 100% okay. There isn’t anything to worry about there!

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