Squid Game season 2 premiere date: October expectations

Squid Game season 1Now that we are into the month of October, now feels like the perfect time to wonder about Squid Game season 2. Are we going to get more news about it soon, including a premiere date?

Obviously, it would be wonderful to get a little more news in regards to the new season sooner rather than later. Whether or not we get that, of course, is a totally different story. There are a lot of components that go into when a streaming service decides to release news and if you’re Netflix right now, you are probably not feeling all that much of a reason to hurry things along — just look at all of the reasons why!

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First and foremost, filming for Squid Game season 2 is not going to be kicking off for a good while longer, meaning that if you are Netflix, one of the last things that you really need to do at the moment is rush anything along. They’re not going to announce a premiere date that they may have to change down the road; also, there’s probably an awareness that if they announce something right now, there’s a good chance that everyone will forget about it a few months down the road. You have to be smart with how you market things!

In all honestly, this month may be one of the deadest periods we have when it comes to Squid Game season 2 and determining at least some of what the future holds here. We don’t think that the streaming service will rush anything along here and instead, they’ll allow the creative process to slowly push forward. The earliest we foresee the show coming back is the start of 2024, and that’s thanks to comments/quotes from the people involved. If we are lucky, we’ll hear a little more about what’s coming at some point either in December or early next year. There’s no reason to have unrealistic expectations beyond that.

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What do you think we could learn from Squid Game season 2 over the course of October?

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