‘Justified’ season 4, episode 7 review: Raylan faces someone from his past

JustifiedOn this week’s episode of “Justified” season4 we were hoping to see a little more movement on the Colton/Ellen May fiasco then we did, but we were happy to see that Johnny learned the truth about Colton beating on Terry and that it had something to do with Ellen May.  We want to see Ellen May have a happy ending, but now that Johnny knows she’s still alive, things are starting to look bleak for the poor girl.

Raylan’s past came back to haunt him – remember Jody, the bounty he captured to make a little side money?  Turns out Jody not only didn’t make it to jail, but the two officers bringing him back were killed by him, so that he could make his escape with some deranged filmmaker.  Eventually Jody had his opportunity to come face to face with Raylan, but as most of Raylan’s “meetings” go, Jody got shot by Raylan when he tried to draw on him.  One thing we were happy to see was that Raylan was able to keep his pants on this time and didn’t try to sleep with the grad student (or at least that’s what we want to believe).

Boyd and Ava went to the rich folks swingers party in hope of finding Drew Thompson, but all they seemed to find were headaches.  Ava almost got assaulted by some creepy old dude and Boyd thought being asked to sit down with a few of the rich men was going to turn into a profitable affair, but as it turns out that these men had a long outstanding deal with Boyd’s father and now that he’s dead they want Boyd to start doing their dirty work and in return they will allow Boyd to continue running his businesses without issue.  We were excited to see “Lost” veteran Sam Anderson back in the game and we are going all in and saying that we think he is the mysterious Drew Thompson.

Hopefully next week Wynn Duffy and Ellen May will be back, but one thing seems for certain – we will likely see Arlo make a deal with Raylan at some point over Drew Thompson now that he realizes Raylan knows that Sheriff Hunter knows about Drew as well and with the right deal he might sell Drew up the river.  What did you think of last night’s episode of “Justified” season 4?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you think Drew Thompson is.

Photo: FX

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