‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ prediction: The collapse of the cool kids

SurvivorWe’ve already presented contestant rankings for both tribes on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites,” and with that in mind there is only one thing left to figure out for Wednesday night’s new episode: who actually ends up leaving the game.

The challenge preview below suggests that we will have yet another water challenge this week, which is certainly a reason to celebrate. These are true tests of endurance more so than any other, so this should help to really give us a good idea who on each tribe is the weakest link, and could hurt them in the long-term.

The one thing that the Fans have going for them at the moment is actually pretty simple: if Malcolm is one of the players assigned to throw things in the challenge, they have a good shot considering his recent track record of choking in key moments during challenges. However, we also don’t think that Malcolm will be used for this. They need his physical strength, so he may join Brandom and Phillip as people responsible for pulling the rope that sends some other castaways out to collect the rings.

Regardless of where everyone is during this challenge, we simply cannot see the Fans tribe winning another week. The Favorites have too many threats, and they also will not be rattled by winning the first one.

Prediction: Hope Driskill leaves the game. Being with the cool kids must feel fun for a few days: you can flirt, hang out in the sun, and isolate yourself from the other uncool people back at camp. Then, you realize that there are six of them to four of you, and no one has much of an interest in helping you out. This is why Hope is likely a goner sooner rather than label. She will probably be expendable as a physical player more than Eddie or Reynold, and we see Allie as someone with a greater capacity to think strategically within the game.

The only other early targets could be someone like Shamar or Sherri, but the cool kids would need Michael and Matt to join them … and these guys don’t look like they have ever been cool in their lives.

Who do you think will leave the game? If you want to watch another preview for this episode, you can do so here.

Photo: CBS

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