Survivor 43 episode 2: Justine Brennan voted out, thanks to beads?

Survivor 43Was Survivor 43 episode 2 everything we hoped for and then some? Absolutely! For starters, this was one of the more entertaining early-game episodes we’ve seen in a while.

For starters, let’s talk about Cody’s decision to open the Beware Advantage right before Vesi went to Tribal Council. Why do that? It’s a reminder that in this game, people get itchy. They do things that aren’t always in their best interest. We’re so glad that they got rid of the passcodes that you had to say at the immunity challenge, mostly because it was too easy to expose yourself as either having an idol or needing one.

The problem for Cody? He had to collect beads from the rest of the tribes’ bags, and that was a near-impossible task. He actually had a really smart plan thanks to discussions with Jesse and Nneka, but it didn’t actually matter — he couldn’t get them from everyone on his tribe. That put him in a spot where there were only four people voting at Tribal — he couldn’t vote because of the Beware Advantage, Dwight couldn’t vote because of the decision he made in the premiere, and that meant that you had Noelle & Justine effectively against Jesse & Nneka. If no one budged, we’d go to rocks.

So yea, we went into Tribal thinking that we’d have a tie vote and some shenanigans … we didn’t think the rock draw would eventually happen.

Here’s the twist … Cody actually did collect all the beads! They saved a scene featuring him and Noelle until after the votes were all written down at Tribal, so the show actually blindsided us for a change. There was no need to go to rocks and Justine was voted off, though ironically it had nothing to do with  the beads on her bag. She and Noelle weirdly split the vote, which means that she still would’ve gone regardless. She blames Jesse for this, since apparently she thought he was voting with her.

Crazy, no? It’s nice to be surprised here and there.

This situation was fascinating enough that we really don’t have to talk all that much about what went on at the other tribes, but does anyone else think that Gabler is not long for this game? He’s already struggling out there within the first week of the game, and while he’s got an idol that will protect him for one more tribal (Jeanine found his clue to confirm it!), after that he could be in big trouble.

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What did you think about the events of Survivor 43 episode 3, in particular the crazy Tribal?

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