‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 7 review: Ethan kisses Emma, will he win her back?

The Lying GameOn tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2 we catch up with Emma and Thayer after their night together and while Thayer looks extremely happy, Emma looks fairly freaked out – maybe worried that she had her first time with the wrong man.

Mads gives Jordan a chance to explain why he took Laurel to the dance instead of her and he tells her that Rebecca made her, saying that Rebecca is holding his past over his head saying that she’ll reveal his past if he doesn’t do what she says.

Sutton is starting to lose trust in Rebecca and decides not to tell Rebecca that Emma knows about her.  Rebecca admits that she framed Alec and Sutton starts to not feel right about working with Rebecca any more. Sutton calls Teresa asking to talk to her about what she knows and Teresa says ok, but needs to finish staking out Derek’s grave to find out who’s putting flowers on it every week.  She comes face to face with whoever it is, but of course we don’t get to find out (grumble).

Ethan confronts Emma about Thayer, saying that he broke up with Sutton because of her and has done everything she wanted and she still stayed with Thayer, leaving him angry and wanting nothing to do with her anymore. Her fight with Ethan deeply affects her and it starts to affect her relationship with Thayer.  Later Thayer goes to Ethan and marks his territory (Emma) telling him to back off from her.  When the fight turns physical Ethan tells Thayer to get used to the pain he just inflicted on him, because it will feel just as bad when Emma dumps him.

Laurel tells Ethan that Emma isn’t over him and suggests that he go after Emma and not let her go.  Ethan goes to see Emma and he kisses her telling her that they are meant to be together, but will she dump Thayer the safe choice and go for Ethan after all that’s happened between them?

Emma goes to Alec and tells him everything she knows about Ted, Rebecca and the money.  Alec tells Emma that Ted is her father, but that he doesn’t know that Sutton had a twin and that he’s sure that Ted isn’t the killer.  After Emma leaves, Kristen kisses Alec in public and Rebecca sees them giving her all the ammunition she needs.

Rebecca sets up a dinner with Ted and tells him that she saw Kristen kissing Alec and Ted is furious.  Ted confronts Alec asking him if he kissed Kristen and he says yes, so Ted punches him in the face.  Alec tells Ted that he made a mess out of Kristen and that he plans on doing right by her and Ted is left feeling helpless.  Later Ted goes to Kristen and calls her out about kissing Alec and she confronts him about the missing money.  She gives him divorce papers telling him that the marriage is over, and he goes to Rebecca.  After heavily drinking he starts kissing her and tells her that he wants to be with her, much to Rebecca’s delight, everything is going her way.

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