‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 15 review: Did Wade win the battle of the bands?

Hart of Dixie

On tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” Wade has entered himself into a battle of the bands contest where he would use the cash prize to help open his own bar, but when Zoe hears how bad the lead singer (Meatball) is, she worries for them.  She asks George for his help, so he asks Wade is he could replace meatball as the singer because he needs something creative in his life and Wade says no.  Zoe ends up telling him the truth about Meatball and Wade is upset, saying that Zoe is not being supportive of his band, but when Wade really takes a good listen to Meatball’s voice he offers a few suggestions and Meatball quits the band.

Wade calls George up and asks him to sing with the band, but after their rehearsal Tansy is upset about George being part of the band, because she doesn’t want to date a musician.  Even though George and Wade sound great and Wade clearly doesn’t seem happy with his choice to sell out Meatball.  Zoe can tell that she’s over stepped her boundaries and apologizes, giving him a neon sign for his new bar in support of his dream.

After seeing the sign Zoe gave him, Wade begins having a bit of a nervous break down and the pressure to win or he’ll lose his dreams has been accelerated.  Wade starts drinking so heavily that before he even gets on stage with George and gets into a fight with him, kicking George out of the band and rehiring Meatball.  Wade’s band loses the battle of the bands, but when a groupie tries to make things better for Wade, George isn’t liking what he’s seeing.  Wade’s pity party gets so out of control that he decides to leave the bar with the groupie.  When Zoe finally gets to the bar, George doesn’t have the heart to tell her that Wade left with a groupie and she beats herself up for missing his show.

AnnaBeth is still trying to win back Lemon’s friendship, but Lemon is not interested in making up.  Even though AnnaBeth is feeling rejected she is not giving up and plans to find out everywhere she is and show up at the same place. As the weekend goes on and every “random” meet up AnnaBeth gets with Lemon goes no where, in fact Lemon decides that she wants to dissolve their business.  As sad as AnnaBeth is, she is excited to hear Lavon tell her that he will wait for her for as long as it takes.

Walt is going away for the weekend (Brick is away with Shelby too), so Lemon decides to have a sister’s weekend with Magnolia.  After a day of shopping, Magnolia suggests that they go to Wade’s concert and put purple streaks in their hair, but when Lemon balks Magnolia threatens to end sister weekend, so Lemon agrees. Luckily for Lemon, Walt comes home early and they go out to dinner.  While out to dinner with Walt, Lemon starts talking about her future with Walt and he gets overwhelmed, dumping her.

Tom decides that he wants to propose to Wanda and asks Lavon for his help in planning the perfect moment and he agrees.  Lavon sets up a horse drawn carriage for the proposal, but when Lavon overhears Wanda saying that she doesn’t want him to propose, he doesn’t’ know what to think.  As it turns out, Wanda had been planning to propose to Tom herself with a Dolly Parton singing  Zombie flash mob and Tom happily accepts.

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