American Horror Story season 11 premiere date: Current questions

American Horror StoryThe journey to getting some American Horror Story season 11 premiere date news has absolutely been a long one. Also, it’s been full of questions.

Where in the world do we start here? Well, it begins with trying to understand what FX is doing in the first place, and what the reason is for the long wait. The spin-off American Horror Stories is already done with season 2; meanwhile, another Ryan Murphy show in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (starring Evan Peters) premiered this past week. Was the network waiting for these things to be over before announcing something? If so, we suppose we will know in the next few days.

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All of this does inevitably bring us to the next question: If season 11 is going to premiere in October, is there time left to properly promote it? FX probably thinks so, since they can hit the network hard plus market through Hulu and some other properties like ABC. That’s without even mentioning social media; Murphy tends to be good at casting some buzz-worthy names, and that’s something that he may have done once more here.

Even if all of this is the case, tis is the longest we’ve gone into the fall without getting news on American Horror Story — and it’s baffling. (Of course, two years ago we didn’t have a season, but that was due to the global health crisis.) If FX wants to get a big audience for this season, they either 1) must have a really clear plan for how to promote in a short period of time or 2) they really don’t think that this show has to air before Halloween in order to be successful. We’ll see just what plays out as we get closer to the end of the month, but we’re anxious.

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