Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The big decision (day 81)

Matt Turner Big BrotherHere we are, one day away from the Big Brother 24 finale. Will there be any major changes at the last-minute? It’s far too early to say that, but we do think there could be some internal debates.

To be specific, it’s worthwhile to spend a minute here talking about Turner. This is someone who is, by far, in the most interesting spot in the game right now. Monte has reiterated as of late that he’s taking Taylor to the end and based on the current state of his showmance, we believe him. If he cuts her, he’s going to look really bad in front of America. We know that in some ways, he’s already hurt himself in the way he talks about Taylor and their relationship to Turner, but we’re not sure he 100% recognizes how passionate the live-feeder audience is or how much they pay attention.

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What’s also interesting is this: We don’t think Turner necessarily loves the way Monte has spoken about Taylor. He hasn’t refuted a lot of it, but that’s just not Turner’s vibe in the game. He’s not a confrontational player, and he’s also not someone who makes all of his cards clearly visible. His entire game is based on doing everything possible to ensure he is not a target; that’s why he didn’t want Michael gone until later in the game. We don’t think Turner plays personally, so he may not cut Monte because of it. Yet, is he also aware of how the jury would perceive such a move? We hope so, since cutting Monte, a huge threat in the game, could earn him some respect.

We want to see more Taylor / Turner conversations today, since that is to us a really fascinating final two. Turner has more comp wins and would’ve cut Monte, whereas Taylor has one of the best endgame stories in the history of the show.

As for other overnight updates, there isn’t much other than that the Monte / Taylor showmance is ongoing. We’ll see what happens there after the finale.

What do you expect to see unfold within the Big Brother 24 house today?

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