Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Are Monte, Taylor really done?

Big BrotherJust when it looked like the Monte – Taylor showmance was done or close to it in Big Brother 24things are back to where they were. Or, that’s the case to a certain extent.

As of early this morning, the two were back in bed together, almost as though they never had any argument at all about headphones and/or some comments that Taylor made (which were largely innocent) that Monte found super-condescending. We’ll be the first to admit that this stuff is the hardest to write about, largely because of some of the comments Monte has already made about Taylor behind her back. She’s not privy to all the information and we wonder how her perspective will be different after the game.

The thing to remember here is that in this house, emotions can be a difficult thing to process. You have no real escape and you are ridiculously bored. Things you feel on the outside world you can’t fully process when you’re in there.

There is also a huge game element to everything right now. Taylor is in a really tricky spot in that she’s close to $750,000 or, at the very least, second place. Either outcome would guarantee her a rather hefty sum of cash and she is acutely aware of that. She wants to ensure that Monte takes her if he wins the final Head of Household and he’s already promised that he would. She also wants him to take Brittany to final three, but we don’t think that this part of the equation is going to happen.

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Would Taylor actually take Monte to final two?

We want to see more Diary Rooms from her on that. We saw her counting votes versus Monte late yesterday, and we wouldn’t rule out her cutting him for Turner even if she told him that she wouldn’t. We think that she’d get a lot of support versus Turner in particular.

In the end…

There are only a handful of days left in this season and within that time, a lot could still change and evolve. We don’t anticipate a lot of strategic movement today. One thing that could be interesting long-term is the info that Turner has about Monte i.e. some of the comments Monte made to him. He won’t say anything while he’s on the block, but could he at final three?

What do you think is going to happen today in the Big Brother 24 house?

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