Chicago Med interview: Show EPs on more Ethan, finale resolution

Chicago Med

The Chicago Med season 8 premiere is coming to NBC on Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, and know that it’s going to be kicking off in a big way!

Remember the fire at the end of season 7? Will’s apartment building is in danger, and we’re going to see a scramble to get that resolved! Expect a premiere that puts multiple characters in danger and knowing this show, there could be some consequences that last a rather long time.

Before we go any further now, why not hear from some of the powers-that-be on what lies ahead? Below, you can check out Matt and Jess TV’s new interview with showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov as the two not only look at the big cliffhanger, but also the future for several characters including Dr. Ethan Choi — who was gone for big stretches in season 7.

Matt & Jess TV – What made you want to end the season on the apartment fire?

Frolov – We thought it was a great way to dovetail three of our characters’ stories — Will’s, Hannah’s and Dylan’s — into one exciting finale; and also to provide a cliffhanger going into season 8.

With that cliffhanger in mind, what can we expect from the early moments of the premiere?

Schneider – The premiere picks up directly after the end of the finale, and in this first episode we’ll resolve, in some surprising ways, the three characters’ stories.

Can we expect more Ethan this season, after he was gone for big batches of season 8?

Frolov – Absolutely!

What can you say about the new character Nellie, who is working with Dr. Charles this season?

Schneider – Nellie is a psych fellow, so she’s on a more equal footing with Charles than a resident would be.  However, Nellie’s training has been different from his, and her approach to patient treatment can be different. This will lead to conflict, but Nellie will come to understand that she can learn a lot from Charles’ many years of clinical experience.

Is there good news coming on the romantic front for any characters this season?

Frolov – Without tipping our hand, we can definitely say yes.

Overall, what makes season 8 stand out from some of the others we’ve seen in the past?

Schneider: We’re taking our regular characters into unchartered emotional and professional areas, allowing them to reveal new sides to their personalities.

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