FBI: Most Wanted interview: EP on Barnes’ return, Remy’s ‘groove’

FBI: Most Wanted

Come Tuesday night on CBS the FBI: Most Wanted season 4 premiere will arrive and within that, we’ll opportunities to explore. Think of this way: Even though the show is a few years in, so much will feel new and fresh. Dylan McDermott is entering his first full season as Remy Scott, Sheryll Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) is coming back to the team from maternity leave, and there is a new team member in Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge) coming on board. There’s going to be shifting dynamics and, of course, intense cases.

So as we prepare for the big kick-off to this season, why not hear from the man in charge? Below showrunner David Hudgins previews what’s coming up for some of these characters, plus a few current events that will play out in the early part of the season.

Matt & Jess TV – How is Remy settling into the job in the premiere? Is he starting to get a good groove with the team?

David Hudgins – Remy has found his groove. The premiere is a topical story with lots of action and a strong emotional hook. One of the best parts about it is we get to see Remy go undercover for the first time.

What’s the relationship like with Remy and Barnes in the early going, given that this is a totally new dynamic?

The dynamic is strained as Barnes returns from maternity leave and has to get to know her new boss. The tension between them is an arc that plays out for a few episodes. They have to earn each other’s trust.

What sort of character stories are you looking to approach early on in this season?

We will be exploring Remy’s family further and his relationship with April, the Judge he is dating. Kristin has a very strong episode where we delve further into her past and her kidnapping by a cartel five tears ago. Hana also has a featured episode where things get very tough for her and she opens up emotionally in a way we’ve not seen before.

We’re going to see Edwin Hodge come on board for the second episode; what makes his character Ray Cannon stand out?

Edwin is a great actor and he totally pops on screen. His character Ray brings energy, humor and youth to the team, and it’s been a blast watching that dynamic unfold.

Most Wanted has tackled some current events and topical issues through some of its cases so far. Will that continue through season 4?

Yes. We have episodes touching on many of the current issues in America – sex trafficking, false flag conspiracists and cryptocurrency among others.


FBI: Most Wanted season 4 premieres on Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern, following the premieres of FBI and FBI: International. To get further news on the start of FBI season 5, be sure to visit the link here.

What do you most want to see on the FBI: Most Wanted season 4 premiere?

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